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Kangasala High School



- We are situated in Kangasala, which is a small town of 30 000 inhabitants in southern     Finland. (More about Kangasala:

-Tampere, the third largest city in Finland, lies just 20 km from Kangasala.

-The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is only 160 km south of Kangasala.


General information

-Our high school has about 350 students aged 16-19, and about 25 teachers.
-In addition to the compulsory courses we offer a wide range of optional courses.


Special course selection

-language selection: English, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
-special courses in sports, arts and music, i.e. adventure sports in Lapland, a course in architecture and a band course
-applied courses, for example, in drama and IT


International activities

-European School Network enables short term group andindividual exchanges for students and teachers
-We run a student exchange project with our partner school in Bollate, Italy, every year.
-We also offer two international camp weeks in Germany for 2-4 students every spring.
-The downhill skiing course that we offer in Åre, Sweden, has been very popular.


More information: contact (student counsellor)

Videos about various events in our school: