Life 2020 - professorin vierailu


Ke 11.3. klo 13.30 vihreillä portailla vieraana Tampereen yliopiston professori Howard Jacobs, molekyylibiologi, alustamassa aiheesta

'Future medicine - for people and the planet'

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Life 2020 will cover all major aspects of bioscience, including cell and developmental biology, evolution, neuroscience, bioenergetics, and biomedicine, and will bring up to 2500 professional scientists to Tampere from all over Europe and beyond, including 35-40 worldwide leaders of their field, as invited speakers.

As part of the congress, we are putting together an interactive public-access session which will be held on the afternoon of 17 September, aimed especially at high-school seniors. The topic of the public-access session will be 'Future medicine - for people and the planet', and we are planning to invite 5 or 6 of the lead speakers from the congress to give short, accessible presentations on this theme (in English language), covering topics such as: 

. new cancer therapies based on accurate tumour profiling, on activating immune responses, and on starving cancer cells to death
. adapting world agriculture to reduce carbon emissions, feed 10 billion and defeat the metabolic diseases of affluence (obesity, diabetes etc)
. new strategies to confront 'emerging' infectious diseases, in an era of climate change, global communications and environmental crisis
. how to rid the world of the scourge of micro-plastics
. building replacement tissues and organs for those that become diseased or worn out

The event will end with a 30-40 minute panel discussion, addressing questions (submitted in advance) from the students attending. The event will also involve a 'mix-and-mingle coffee hour, where all attendees can meet informally and view exhibits by local science-based healthcare industries and agencies, developing and deploying new technologies for our benefit. 

I would like to invite you and your current class(e)s in the 17-18 year age-group to participate in this event, as well as any others in your school whom you might think appropriate.
In the spring (between March and the start of May) I aim to visit each of the participating high schools in the city and region at a mutually convenient time, and speak to you and your students about the event, the underlying issues, and what science has to offer. Then, in August/early September I would aim to make a second visit to finalize with you the names of students who can attend, and collect relevant questions from them on the above themes, and which they would be prepared to voice at the event. I'd also be really happy to help you develop relevant teaching materials, including, naturally, hosting you and your class(es) here at the institute if wished, to intensify the dialogue. 
We hope to make this a real community event, and thereby inspire young people in our region to be part of the global effort to find solutions to the world's problems, through science.


"Future medicine - for people and the planet" on keskiviikon esityksen "punainen lanka", jonka herättävän oppilaissa ajatuksia ja kysymyksiä. "Pelastaako tiede maailman" -tyyppiset kysymykset, myös kriittiset, ovat siis enemmän kuin tervetulleita. Oppilailta siis odotetaan kiinnostusta ja aktiivisuutta, mutta tyyli on vapaa. Kysymyksiä voi jo miettiä etukäteen, mutta toivottavasti niitä syntyy myös esityksen aikana.